Smile Gallery

Before and After Photos

Direct Bonding
adam-winckler-bond-1     adam-winckler-bond-2

Space Closed with Direct Bonded Composite Resin
adam-winckler-space-1     adam-winckler-space-2

Traumatic Injury Repaired in One Sitting with Direct Resin Bonding
adam-winckler-traumatic-1     adam-winckler-traumatic-2

Front Tooth Replaced with Implant
adam-winckler-implant-1     adam-winckler-implant-2

Spaces Closed and Tooth Shape Enhanced with Porcelain Veneers
adam-winckler-veneers-1     adam-winckler-veneers-2

One Sitting Direct Bonding for “Wedding-Ready” Smile
adam-winckler-wedding-1     adam-winckler-wedding-2